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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a vertical Farm?
    A vertical farm is a type of agriculture where crops are grown in vertically stacked layers in a controlled environment. This allows for year-round production, regardless of weather conditions. Vertical farming can be used to produce a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • What are the benefits of vertical farming?
    Vertical farming has a number of benefits, including year-round production, reduced water usage, and decreased reliance on pesticides and other chemicals. Vertical farming can also help to reduce food waste, as crops can be harvested as needed.
  • What makes Northern Greens different?
    Northern Greens is the brand name for produce grown with QuantoTech vertical farming systems. By manufacturing our own vertical farming technology we are able adapt the equipment to grow the highest quality produce and consistently add new crops.
  • Is Northern Greens produce organic?
    Vertical farming itself is not an organic method of agriculture in Canada; however, our vertically farmed produce is cleaner than organic produce as we use no sprays or pesticides and our produce is grown indoors in a controlled environment with minimal handling.
  • Is Northern Greens produce pesticide-free?
    All northern greens produce is grown without pesticides or sprays. Because our produce is grown indoors in a climate controlled, vertical, hydroponic system, there is no need for pesticides.
  • Is Northern Greens produce sustainable?
    Northern Greens produce is grown and consumed within the community each farm is located. Our produce travels a small fraction of the distance of traditionally grown produce. Our vertical, hydroponic growing techniques, and proprietary grow recipes, allow us to use a fraction of the water typically used by traditional agriculture. All of these benefits minimize our GHG emissions over traditional farms.
  • What is living lettuce?
    Living lettuce is a type of lettuce that is grown hydroponically, without the use of soil. The roots of the lettuce are submerged in water, and the plants are grown in a controlled environment. Living lettuce is typically more nutritious than traditional lettuce, as it is not exposed to harmful pesticides or other chemicals.
  • How do I store living produce?
    If you want to store living lettuce with the root-ball attached, you can place it in a jar or container with an inch or two of water. The roots will need to be covered with water, but the leaves should be above the water line. Store in the fridge and change the water every few days or leave on your windowsill.
  • How do I dispose of your packaging?
    All packaging used by Northern Greens can be recycled or is backyard compostable.
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