Northern Greens is an umbrella brand for leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens grown at various locations in central and northern B.C., and beyond, using QuantoTech grow systems and standards.


Northern Greens offers hyper-local, high-quality, fresh produce directly to the variety communities of which these year-round farms operate.

1771 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1T1   |   604-897-7396   |   info@quantotechltd.com


Northern Greens flagship farms operate out of Prince George, Quesnel, and Mackenzie in partnership with the College of New Caledonia and Ace Victory Building Center.

To inquire about becoming a grower for Northern Greens reach out to: info@quantotechltd.com

Interested in buying produce or learning about farms near you? Reach out to:


The College of New Caledonia Quesnel Campus has been a valued partner since the beginning allowing for the initial feasibility testing of cold climate growing.

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1771 East Hastings st.

Vancouver, BC V5L 1T1


Tel: 604-897-7396

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